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Global Benefits

 Coronavirus Update 

If you are traveling to a country that has been affected by the Coronavirus or are concerned about traveling abroad due to the virus, it is highly recommended that you purchase Trip Protection Coverage and make sure that you purchase a policy that includes the CANCEL FOR ANY REASON (CFAR) benefit.  All Trip Protection plans have a list of "Covered Reasons" and cancelling a trip (and expecting a refund from the insurance company) due to a concern about traveling to an affected country...IS NOT a covered reason.  If you purchase a policy with the CANCEL FOR ANY REASON (CFAR) benefit and you cancel your trip prior to departure, due to your concern about the virus, then you will be eligible to receive up to a 75% reimbursement for your pre-paid trip expenses, that are subject to cancellation fees & penalties.

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Coronavirus Interactive World Map

 Experts in International Insurance 

It starts with real world experience and the Global Benefits team is the international insurance partner that Expatriates, Travelers, and Global Organizations have relied upon for their International Health, Life, Employee Benefits and Business insurance needs. 

As experienced international insurance brokers, we are certified in Global Benefits Management by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans. We can locate and secure the most cost effective and comprehensive cover available.  Our commitment is to provide our clients with a customized selection of specialized insurance programs designed to address the unique needs of international entities and global individuals, living, working and traveling anywhere in the world.